Facial Aesthetics

As we get older, the passage of time starts to show itself on our faces in the form of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sunken cheeks and sagging jaws. Often, because these changes creep up suddenly, we don't notice them until one day we look in the mirror and realise how much older we look than we feel. If you'd like to put back some of what time has taken away, Castle Hill can help.

There are three main causes of facial ageing. First and foremost, our oral health affects our looks. When teeth become worn down or even lost, the lower jaw comes closer to the upper jaw, making the lower half of the face shrink. Cheeks sag and collapse inward, giving a hollow-cheeked look. Good dental care restores and maintains the fullness of your teeth and thus your lower face. That comes as standard with dental care at Castle Hill.

But we can help with other causes of facial ageing, too. The second most common cause is a loss of elasticity, as your skin inevitably loses its lifelong battle with gravity. It also loses its natural collagen, meaning a loss of fullness. Muscle memory can be another cause of lines and wrinkles as facial muscles adopt certain default positions, causing the skin above to wrinkle and crease.

At Castle Hill we offer treatments that can help reverse these signs of ageing. These non-invasive procedures are quick and painless and mean you can be back to everyday life in the space of a lunch hour. We offer Dermal Fillers, Plasma Facelift, Skin and Scalp Mesotherapy and Botulinum Toxin treatment – there's more information at the links below.

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