So what is PRGF Endoret?

At Castle Hill we have embraced Biotechnology and are leading the area in regenerative medicine.

By using your own blood, we can stimulate healing of any wounds that might be made.

An example would be after a tooth extraction as a healing plug.

The Castle Hill way would be to relax you by giving you some intravenous sedation..while you are in a relaxed state of consciousness, we would take a small amount of blood from you.

This is put through a centrifugation and fractioning process to produce a Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. This patented process is FDA and CE approved so you have the comfort of knowing you’re in safe hands.

The plasma can then be applied to the extraction socket. It will reduce post-operative pain, swelling and as it has an anti-bacterial effect, it reduces risks of infection.

It is a biostimulator which increases the healing potential of your body.

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