Extractions / Oral Surgery

at Castle Hill our team is highly skilled and attempts to avoid extractions whenever possible. We will make every effort to save your tooth. Sometimes, however, a tooth is so badly damaged or decayed that even at Castle Hill, we can’t save it. Common reasons for extractions are:

  • Badly decayed or damaged tooth
  • Severe infection
  • Risk of infection through weakened immune system
  • Severe periodontic disease (gum disease) that causes teeth to become loose
  • Crowded mouth (to prepare for orthodontic treatment)
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that cause pain or hygiene problems that could lead to more serious conditions

We’ll only remove a tooth when no other treatment is available. If we do need to take a tooth out we’ll do so quickly and without fuss, ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable. We’ll talk you through the procedure and, importantly, will discuss what options are available to replace your tooth, such as bridges or implants, so you’ll soon have your beautiful smile back.

Tooth extractions are usually carried out under local anaesthetic so you’ll feel some pressure but no pain. at Castle Hill we take great care of all our patients and are regularly praised for our work with nervous patients. If you are very nervous, we have a wide range of sedation options available so you’ll be awake, but largely unaware of your treatment.

For tooth extractions or any other form of dental surgery, at Castle Hill we make the process as relaxing and simple as possible. Our overhead screen can show a favourite film or TV show (choose from our DVDs, or bring your own), music videos, sports events – whatever you enjoy watching, so you feel relaxed and comfortable. If radio, music or an audiobook is your favourite way to relax, you can listen through headphones during treatment.

For more complex surgery we refer to our sister clinic at Evergreen. We have the benefit of using additional therapies to improve your post-operative journey (PRGF Endoret).

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