Multiple Teeth


We see patients with missing teeth for all manner of reasons. Tooth decay, untreated periodontitis (the more serious form of gum disease), accidents and injuries can all lead to tooth loss and whatever the reason for missing teeth, they can lead to patients feeling self-conscious.

Missing teeth can also lead to further dental health problems as any remaining teeth may move to fill the gap, causing them to appear crooked. Eating hard foods can become impossible and the bone beneath the gums will start to recede, while you may also become more prone to decay and gum disease in any remaining teeth.

At Castle Hill, dental implants are one of our most popular solutions for replacing missing teeth. They are more comfortable and durable than traditional tooth replacements such as dentures and act in much the same way as regular teeth, meaning you can continue to enjoy all your favourite foods. Dental implants also help prevent the jaw bone from receding, which can lead to sagging jaws and a prematurely aged appearance.

Dental implants comprise two parts: a titanium screw or post that is fitted to the jaw bone, and a false, tooth-coloured crown that is placed on top. All implant work at Castle Hill is carried out by Dr Sharma, who has trained under the world-renowned Professor Hilt Tatum at the Tatum Institute.

The good news is that for dental implants to replace multiple teeth, you may not need as many implants as teeth. One implant can often be used to support many teeth with the aid of an implant-supported fixed dental bridge. If you are missing all or most of your teeth, this is often a better solution than dentures, which can be uncomfortable and do not prevent the jaw bone from receding.

The exact ratio of implants to teeth varies from patient to patient and also depends on the location of the implant – generally speaking, an implant on the lower jaw can support more artificial teeth than one on the upper jaw, because there is higher bone density in the lower jaw, so the implants will be more secure.

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